Thanks for viewing this months Vlog, which discusses the importance of reducing speed while passing emergency situations on the road side.

It is now an enforceable requirement to slow down when passing an emergency on the road side. It may even be required to move into another lane, depending on where you are driving.
But how do you teach your staff this important element before they drive a company vehicle. It is important to ensure your people have up to date knowledge and ensure their understanding around compliance, so that your legal liability as a business owner or manager is reduced.

There are many laws which businesses need to be aware of, understand and apply measures to enable all who work for a body corporate comply with what is legally enforceable. This is to ensure that risks do not expose your business or the business you work for and potentially compromise its ability to continue trading, should something go wrong.

Training is an integral part of everyday work life. Training occurs when you first walk onto a site, especially those with significant hazards involved. Training also occurs when you’re giving instructions to a staff member about how you need them to perform a task. If it is that simple, how many people do you think have ensured that members of staff who are on the roads, ensure that they follow the speed limit, including that of slowing down while passing emergency response vehicles.

It is now required and legally enforceable, that all vehicles passing emergency response vehicles on the side of the road slow down.

What have you done in your business to ensure that you comply, not only with this enforceable legal requirement, but others including trade practises, chain of responsibility or workplace health and safety?

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