Safety Notice Boards

When taking a look at another business during an audit, I’m looking for hundreds of different things, but one which usually takes people by surprise is whether or not I can find a safety notice board.

MAEZ always advises its clients to ensure on their notice boards,

  1. A safety policy,
  2. And a chain of responsibility (or CoR) Policy

Both of which need to be in date, now you might laugh, but with the amount of information a business has to manage internally, it’s very common to find them out of date.

If a policy is reviewed, you only need to change the review date on the policy if the policy remains relevant in your business.

A few more helpful hints for your notice board, make sure it includes a site map, with facilities on the map and clear communication to drivers who may read the notice board, to enable them to go and seek out those facilities, such as toilets, fresh cool water, tea/coffee, a place to heat up food safely and a clean, cool, ventilated place to sit and rest, potentially to have a power nap if needed as well.

Another element you could include on your safety notice board is pictures and descriptions of particular people who are in charge of first aid, safety and chain of responsibility on site. A photo will help those who might be visiting your site for the first time, and you could also include your fire wardens a well.

Something else that may help you is relevant information about safety issues or other elements affecting road transport in Australia and potentially more specifically the state you’re operating in.