About our Chain of Responsibility Program

Chain of responsibility legislation demands a program of regular oversight and management, also better known as a safety management system. Therefore our Chain of Responsibility program consists of a range of elements that help your business comply with and meet the strict demands of due diligence around Chain of Responsibility in your transport task.

We can all look under the hood ourselves, and things can always seem to go smoothly. But things can go wrong, and it takes effort to ensure that you have everything you need, on top of ensuring you are generating the revenue you need in your business. Consequently, Chain of Responsibility needs you to check continually, and legislation demands you continuously improve your chain of responsibility, by having a safety system that frequently focuses on finding new risks and mitigating new threats.

Our Chain of Responsibility program does not just tell you annually where you are going wrong, and it doesn’t rely on one aspect. We have a wide range of Chain of Responsibility tools specifically designed to ensure your business is a Chain of Responsibility safe business. Our goal is to assist you and manage the big items in your business so that you can move on to the day to day tasks of managing your business and generating revenue and growth for your family.

Finally, if you’re interested at all about how we can help you improve your safety system by utilising our Chain of Responsibility program, encompassing transport tasks which exist in your business, whether you own a truck or sub-contract trucks, then make sure you give me a call to discuss how we can help you in your business today.

What We Do For You

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Hazard Identification & Assessment
  • Hazard Control
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Administrative Review Management
  • Online Worker Training
  • Industry Updates
  • On Demand Support

GPS Telematics

Need to track speed real time or keep an eye on your teams fatigue?
Thats not a problem with our GPS Telematics, get real time updates when you need them and get real time ETA.

Emergency Plan

Ever been in a situation where you didn't know what to do?
Your team will be provided with the right guide, with the right plan for whatever emergency they may face.

Hazard Controls

Your clients want to ensure safety in their businesses, so why not provide them with a set of robust hazard controls in your business, and secure that ongoing partnership today.

Worker Training

Online and on demand training, ongoing for your teams to ensure ongoing risk mitigation in your business. Don't get left behind and allow yourself to be exposed by risks in your transport business.

Your business deserves all
the opportunity.

Your Chain of Responsibility Partner
has everything you need, right here.

"This helped to obtain more work through new contracts"

Tony N @ Innovate Services

Take advantage of a system designed to add value to your business and help you with your Chain of Responsibility compliance today.

Don’t get left behind.

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