Heavy Vehicle National Law

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL) has like all laws a specific objective, which is;

To establish a national scheme for facilitating and regulating the use of heavy vehicles on roads in a way that promotes public safety. Along with managing the impact of heavy vehicles on the environment, road infrastructure and public amenity. It also has the objective to promote industry productivity and efficiency in the road transport of goods and passengers by heavy vehicles and at the same time, encourages and promotes productive, efficient, innovative and safe business practices.

Special powers are given to the regulator to ensure it can enforce the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL) obligations, so as to ensure that the legislation is enforced in all transport tasks. It doesn’t matter who pays the drivers or pays for the truck. If you send something or receive something, you are legally liable in chain of responsibility by virtue of what you do.

Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL) Standards

The standards outlined for the regulator to enforce the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL) including the registration of all heavy vehicles;

  • Standards of heavy vehicles when on roads.
  • Maximum permissible mass and dimensions of heavy vehicles used on our roads.
  • Securing and restraining loads on heavy vehicles used on our roads.
  • Preventing drivers of heavy vehicles exceeding speed limits on our roads.
  • Preventing drivers of heavy vehicles from driving while fatigued.

Very importantly the legislation very clearly states that,

It imposes duties and obligations directed at ensuring heavy vehicles and drivers of heavy vehicles comply with requirements mentioned onto persons whose activities may influence whether the vehicles or drivers comply with the requirements.

Clearly outlined at the very beginning of the legislation, is that any person who influences drivers of heavy vehicles or how heavy vehicles are loaded and restrained, have absolute responsibility with ensuring public safety, along with the driver and the operator of the vehicle.

Importantly, ensure that your business along with those who work within it comply with the legislation and remove all risk of an incident occurring, as you have a legal liability to do so. We are here to help and welcome any conversation to clarify what matters in your business, when it comes to the National Heavy Vehicle Law (or HVNL).