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Alert – Securing Trucks In A Dangerous World

Securing Trucks In A Dangerous World ALERT: STOLEN HEAVY VEHICLE 29th August 2019 Background Two teenagers are to front court after allegedly stealing a medium-sized heavy vehicle. The teenager’s alleged purpose seems to be opportunistic in nature, after obtaining a stolen credit card and then attending multiple service stations and using the stolen credit card …

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HVNL Prosecution

Magistrate Mark Semmens is scathing in his findings against Bitumax, a Boral company which trades as Boral Asphalt; for a mass offence. The magistrate went on further to state that “I do not think this is a ‘basic’ case. It is an extraordinary case and what is extraordinary is the complete lack of any structure by a corporate body to ensure that a chain of reporting exists.

on guard safety practises

On Guard Safety Practises

Sometimes as a consultant, you know when your time is being wasted. One of those times was early 2018 for me when I sat in front of a prospective supplier. One of the three men in the room smashed his fist on the table asking me, the consultant on chain of responsibility, why it was his responsibility to ensure a safe transport task in his business. I knew right there my time to this prospect was wasted.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Logistic management companies have spent and will spend multiple millions of dollars on the safety of their fleet and drivers. Of course, it’s great for business, it reduces risk for their own investments and ongoing financial targets. But most importantly, it’s sold as a value proposition, an underlying value proposition to their consumers.