Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Consulting

We have expertise in Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Consulting which is one of the most significant changes to workplace safety since the 90’s when Workplace Health & Safety came to force through legislation at that time.

The mere thought of a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) safety system is a daunting task in any business and raises many questions as to how it applies itself to the various companies in today’s marketplace, often causing significant restlessness within an organisation as a result.

A Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) safety system implementation can be quite a simple aspect in today’s supply chains and more specifically within your business, due to the nature of how Australian organisations are structure in today’s marketplace. Inherently, all Australian businesses already have some form of a safety system in place internally, and a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) system implementation need only integrate into a current working system.

However, how do you ensure a minor financial impact when you decide to meet the needs of the Heavy Vehicle National Law and implement a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Safety system in your workplace?

Chain of Responsibility consulting is an emerging service in Australia. There isn’t a great need for Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) consultants in the logistics industry as the implementation of a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) improvement process can be turned around quickly, but the need for a unique set of skills to help you is absolutely critical, you just cannot miss the detail.

When it comes to Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) consulting, we only allocate to your business personnel who bring an extraordinary set of skills;

  1. Masters of logistics qualifications from senior Australian Universities
  2. Requirements in Chain of Responsibility (or Chain of Responsibility (or CoR)) training,
    • Fatigue management training
    • Mass management training
    • Load restraint training
    • Maintenance management training
  3. NHVR Training
  4. 20+ years logistics industry senior management experience

If you’re serious about removing Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) risks in your business, then you need the best Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) compliance consultants in the industry. A commercial mindset is critical; any Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) change or process needs to be reasonably practical.

We’re competitive because we believe we can bring you a set of skills that will not only help you but also define the future of safety on our roads through the methods we employ when helping you implement a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) safety system or completing a Chain of Responsibility audit.

So if you need help with your Chain of Responsibility, then helps is never far away and we are very keen to help you through Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) consultation on your next Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) safety project, with a reasonably practical mindset.