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A Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Audit, also known as a Chain of Responsibility Audit is a potent and essential tool to ensure transport related safety in your business. An audit is by definition an inspection of something against a set of standards, and we provide that as an outsourced provider. When it comes to a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Audit, it is a robust tool to ascertain gaps in your business. 

Furthermore, for a company which is safety focused, a Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) Audit result also becomes the project template to work on the next steps of removing any risks found, which is perfect for assisting your current safety system.

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By comparison, audits can be delivered in many forms and price dictates typically the level of output you receive when engaging companies to help you. When it comes to consultancies, you usually get what you pay for, unfortunately.

At MAEZ, we ensure that you get an audit that you can utilise far beyond the review itself and prioritise how you tackle your gaps along your compliance projects journey. MAEZ will also ensure that the report is deliverable to all levels of the organisation, so there is no need to re-write the outcome for other parts of the organisation to digest. We’ve found that if care is taken initially at the audit stage, the remainder of the Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) project to get any business up to speed with any sort of transport compliance is by far faster, more comfortable and cost-effective for the organisation in comparison with other methods.

Our audits come in many shapes and sizes as one size does not fit all. We can tailor an inspection to suit your business and support the whole process, so you get the outcome you need and can move into solution mode as soon as possible, with a schedule that helps you as the project manager.
Don’t become one of the many victims we see in transport safety, by thinking that you’ve got it all covered or that you don’t have any responsibility, an outsourced provider will see things you don’t by the sheer fact that you are used to what you see daily.

There’s a great saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”, but unfortunately the Heavy Vehicle National Law (or HVNL) does not allow this as a defence. So don’t become a statistic after all the hard work you’ve worked for in your business because a truck driver carting your goods fell asleep at the wheel and crashed.

Get your gaps and close them with a professionally written Chain of Responsibility (or CoR) audit that delivers.

What We Do For You

  • Business Compliance Overview & Audit
  • Report Generated Listing Your Gaps
  • Executive Summary
  • Post Analysis Discussion
  • Project Template With Gaps Listed
  • Benchmark Result For Comparison
  • Practical Advice & Support
  • Operational Experience Leading Chain of Responsibility Projects
  • Ongoing Support As Your Chain of Responsibility Partner

Practical Advice

No nonsense advice from a Supply Chain professional of over 20 years in senior leadership roles. No lengthy processes, or arduous processes or paperwork to maintain, only simply easy to follow advice and ongoing support.

Robust Analysis

We provide advice on gaps in your business that are worthwhile chasing. We don't just offer advice based on templates and un-neccessary jargon to over complicate your job after the analysis and gaps are reported.

Partner With Us

We offer all of our clients the unparalleled opportunity to partner with MAEZ and ensure the ongoing relationship moving forward. We have a 99% customer retention rate, and customers who started with us at the beginning are with us today.

Benchmark Results

How do you compare?
We'll tell you. In fact we have designed a method to communicate your benchmark in line with those with a similar transport task and those in your industry. We've got the experience behind us to tell you exactly how you compare.

If your business has a transport task,
it has a legal liability.

Your Chain of Responsibility Partner
has everything you need, right here.

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Michelle L @ Miele

Take advantage of a system designed to add value to your business and help you with your Chain of Responsibility compliance today.

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